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A Trail Tale

The only things standing in the way of love are egos and bears.A Trail Tale is a rivals-to-lovers romance set on the Appalachian Trail. It's a light-hearted story with a few jokes, a dash of melancholy, a bit of steam, and plenty of high jinks.Abbi Hall is an experienced hiker, ready to set out on the biggest journey of her life-hiking the Appalachian Trail. This isn't just a bucket list hike for Abbi, it's a chance to honor her late brother.When Abbi meets Liam Airington at a mixer the night before hitting the trail, all she sees is an overly-confident frat-reject ready to treat the hike as a five-month-long bachelor party for him and his friends. He doesn't seem concerned about preparation or bears.Abbi is convinced he won't make it a week on the trail. Driven by their two competitive spirits, they make a bet. The stakes: an opportunity for Liam to take Abbi out for dinner.It's not long before Abbi realizes that her rivalry with Liam isn't so simple and that the trail has more than a few surprises in store for the two of them.


M.J. Benn's debut novel, Overexposed, is a cheeky, irreverent, friends-to-lovers romance that explores what happens when life's best-laid plans fall apart.Emma Moore has a simple plan: Her childhood friend and professional photographer, Ty Carter, will take risqué photos of her to sell on the Internet. It can’t possibly get complicated, right?After getting laid off from her nursing job in small-town New Hampshire, Emma Moore needs to figure out how to pay rent. There are no other nursing jobs and the only other place hiring is the local ice cream stand. After finding out about the website VIPsOnly, Emma hatches the most absurd plan of her life.What's supposed to be a straightforward partnership with one friend taking steamy photos of the other turns into a complicated mess of emotions. And if the plan doesn't work, Emma will be back at square one—unemployed and scrambling for rent money. And, most importantly, will this plan ruin her lifelong friendship with Ty?


For his entire life, M.J. has dreamed of writing quirky, funny stories of new love. Raised on a diet of romcoms, he is always daydreaming about fantastic love stories.When he met the love of his life, he didn’t stop daydreaming. His amazing partner convinced him to start writing down those daydreams in the form of books.When not writing, M.J. lives with his partner in the quiet hills of Vermont. He enjoys the outdoors, reading lots of books, and taking pictures of mountains.M.J. is always looking to connect with fans, receive feedback on his work, and chat with other authors about the craft. You can reach him at mjbenn.author@gmail.com.

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